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Tallimar Castle Video Production Services   Canada 613-552-5000  Tallimar@istar.ca




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Tallimar Castle Video Production Services   Canada 613-552-5000  Tallimar@istar.ca

30 years in Production

  Video Samples

  • JCB Productions 1983 -1988

    In the early stages, James Blondeau and his friends produced projects that became our learning curve on the production of videos. While these simple programs were completed, they taught us the basics of video production. These include Memories of War, The Motorcycle Safety Show, The Tholthorpe Reunion,  Senior Citizens, The Plugs, The Cameron Highlanders, TAP Air Portugal, TimeKeepers  and some early music projects.

  • MTrex  1988 - 2000

    From 1988 to 2000, Co-Producer Deborah Mackay joined James Blondeau and MTrex Video Productions was formed. Over this 12 year period, we produce a high number of impressive video productions. These include TimeKeepers, The History of Medicine for the PMAC, The Canadian Journey Project, Youth Service Canada, the D Day Reunion, The POW Story, The Recovery of Halifax NA337 from Norway, Why Remembrance Day and Canada Remembers Holland with David Lawrence, The Recovery of Halifax LW682 from Belgium and Vimy Ridge and the Beaumont Hamel Story from France. Our projects have appeared on CBC and CTV National News, the Mid Canada Network, CJOH Television, YTV and the Discovery Channel.

  • Dunrobin Castle Entertainment  2000 to present day

    Dunrobin Castle Entertainment commenced operations in 2000 as a small production service providing music performances, music videos and video editing.  Projects include live concerts for  Canada Day 2002 and the 100th Anniversary of CFB Petawawa in 2005.  Music and editing projects include the Firefighters Memorial music video, the  Museum at  Nanton  and Fibromyalgia - The Future is Hope.

  • Combining Our Resources

    Our goal is to create the Dunrobincastle.com web portal featuring the three organizations to create the Tallimar Castle Web Station with featuring clips from each of our video libraries. By combining these 3 components, we are stronger, our resume of  international and national production experiences is impressive and our list of accomplishments is unquestionable. With these skills, we are available to provide you with our creative and professional video production services.


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