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Canadian Journey

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  • ‚Äč25 Years The  Canadian Journey

    A documentary series about Canada featuring interviews from 1992 as we look at special events from the 20th century and see how we have changed as a nation in 20 years.  1992 - 2012

  • Halifax NA337 Recovery Norway

    The incredible underwater recovery of Halifax Bomber NA337 from Lake Lake Mjosa in Norway.

  • Halifax NA337  Rebuilding a Masterpiece

    Part 2 of the rebuilding of the Halifax Bomber and the special Opening Day event held at RCAF Trenton.

  • The POW Story

    The story of Allied airmen after their capture and internment in German POW camps. Stories include the Great Escape.

  • Canada Remembers Holland

    Canadians at War in Holland

  • Mack McGill A World War I Fighter Pilot

    An interview recording in 1989 with 99 year old Mack McGill,

    a World War I fighter pilot.

  • Splice the Main Brace

    A song written for the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy.

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& Manterex 11 Video Productions Inc.

See TimeKeepers, our documentary series and our CCVL Stock Library for editors, writers and co-producers..

 From D Day

to the Gap

Introduction Video - Iron Goat Pub and Grill in Canmore Alberta

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