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TingTing Wang is CCI’s Travel News reporter. TingTing arrived from China in 1998 and has worked with DunrobinCastle.com for 4 years on a number of local and international video projects—including projects from Chinese New Year, the Ottawa China Gateway Project, music videos, and co-produced a video for the Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CCSR), held each year in Ottawa. TingTing’s travel contacts are through her office at Sunnyview Holidays in Ottawa, Canada, where she conducts travel arrangements between China and Canada, as well as many other international locations.


 Each month, we will feature informative interviews and stories on destinations, airlines, hotels, business travel, and tourism. We cover beautiful locations in China and Canada that include restaurants, entertainment, and even group travel arrangements. Our Archives Video Guide will let you see every issue we produce.

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- Tune in to our first interview featuring Ottawa’s experienced Sunnyview Travel Agency’s owner, Anna.

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