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DunrobinCastle.com is a multi-media production group featuring over 100 television, video, internet and music projects produced in 12 different countries. It is comprised of a group of creative friends, many who are producers in their own right.  From TimeKeepers, The Canadian Journey, Halifax 57 Rescue Canada to Day by Day, Canada China Inter-Active and Creative Artists, our objective is to show you the world. From music artists, life in Canada and historical projects to documentaries, deep ocean adventures, health issues and Canada China relations, this web site is designed to help us inspire, educate and encourage those who believe in the future.  


Dunrobincastle.com was formed in the year 2000 and has within its ranks, producers, writers, researchers, camera operators, editors, photographers, video hosts, musicians, web site designers, internet content producers and composers. As a team, we have produced programs in England, Holland, France, Scotland, Italy, Norway, the Bahamas, Belgium. Portugal, Poland, Canada and United States. We have produced and appeared in concerts in a number of venues around the world and our vast international interview collection features astronauts, veterans and a whole series of interesting seniors and their classic stories.


WeĦŻve interviewed and/or produced videos with President Lech Walesa of Poland, Hu Jintao, President of China, the British High Commission Andrew Carey, the US Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, and former President of Mexico, Vincente Fox.

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Manterex 11 Video Productions Inc. was created in 1988 by James Blondeau and Deborah Mackay. Since that time, documentary recordings have been produced by Manterex 11 in Canada, Holland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, and England.

We have also created the TimeKeepers Video Collection featuring hundreds of video interviews with Canadian and international senior citizens. These include Canada Remembers Holland, The War Story, the History of Medicine, Halifax Bomber NA337 - Norway, The Belgium Forest, Why Remembrance Day, The POW Story, 50th Anniversary of D Day, Vimy Ridge, Beaumont Hamel and The Canadian Journey. 


If you have an idea or would like to have a video or television documentary produced for your project, reunion or organization, please contact Manterex 11 Video Productions in Canada at:

(613) 832-1514 or by email at Tallimar@istar.ca

See TimeKeepers, our documentary series and our CCVL Stock Library for editors, writers and co-producers

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