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             Jessica Zhang is CCI’s Business reporter. She immigrated to Canada from China in 2001 and has lived and worked in Ottawa for 10 years. Jessica is a Certified General Accountant (CGA), and understands the need for positive relations between the two countries. Her experience in public accounting allows her to see more than numbers. Being based in Ottawa, Canada, she has access to a number of business leaders and government officials from both Canada and China.


             Each Month, Jessica will conduct interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs, government leaders, and a detailed series of federal, provincial and city business departments working toward promoting international trade. We will feature new products, the positives and negatives of international cooperation, business travel, advertising, Internet and immigration.  Our Archive Video Guide will let you see every issue we produce. We will also feature a connection to a  weekly Canada-China business  newspaper.


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- Tune in to our first interview featuring Ottawa’s experienced Insurance and Investment Consultant, Jin S. Xue.

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