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Bomber Command Memorial






  Squibs Mercier - Battle of Britain  

Jean Beliveau - Montreal Canadians

Halifax Explosion 1917  Peggy Gregoire

Springhill Mining Disaster 1958 Part 1

 Springhill Mining Disaster 1958  Part 2


Almonte Train Wreck 1942 

Early RCMP 1920's - Ed Buchanan Part 1


Jean Beliveau - Stay In School


Fire Station Museum

A Charlieville Production

Canada Remembers Holland Part 1

Navy Reunion 2004

Halifax NA337 Recovery - Norway  Part 1

 Skeets Ogilvy and the Great Escape    

Don Morrison  Battle of Britain

  The Nose Art of Clarence Simonsen

  Canadian Fallen FireFighters Foundation     


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Parliament Building Fire 1916

Montreal Rail History


The Dunrobincastle.com Museum


Spitfire Pilot



The Little Banjo



RCAF Fallen Heroes Music Video

TimeKeepers was created in 1984 when James Blondeau and some good friends began to record hundreds of interviews with Canadian and international senior citizens, describing their recollections of the 20th century. In 1988, Deborah Mackay joined the project and over 1,000 interviews are now on tape, including interviews recorded by students from over 500 schools across Canada.

Dunrobincastle.com is launching the first in a series of video interviews clips from those who experienced life in the 20th century. We begin with ten new video clips from World War II Veterans and seniors and plan to release another 500 classic  interviews over the next few years.

Special Thanks to Bob Hefferden who played a large part in the development of the TimeKeepers Project.



The People of Canada

Our Promise  

All funds raised by sponsorships, donations, memberships, and advertising will go directly to the overall development and to extending the longevity of these exciting projects.

Info - Tallimar@istar.ca


Who Was Involved in the Development of TimeKeepers

Canadian and seniors from around the world volunteered their time and their stories to the collection in an effort to develop an educational video library for young people. Their contribution to the TimeKeepers Collection is invaluable as their stories will now be accessible to students and anyone interested in history by using the internet. Today, tomorrow and 500 years from now, these stories will still be available for educational purposes.

When James Blondeau developed TimeKeepers in 1983, it was long before the internet was even popular, but through determination and a belief in the future, the collection now stands as one of the most important eye witness accounts of the 20th century.

A series of  documentaries  and interviews were produced between 1989 and 2000 by James Blondeau and Deborah Mackay of Manterex 11. The extent of the Manterex 11 Collection is  remarkable and forms the backbone of the project with  a series of real and passionate  stories about Canadian and world history.

 Along with the seniors who volunteered, there were sponsors.

Over the last 20 years, Total Media Systems of Ottawa has provided video editing equipment for the project and Dunrobincastle.com wishes to thank Jason and our friends at Total Media Systems for their important involvement and equipment support.  Today, the TimeKeepers site is being hosted by Troy Marcotte at Cybercan and again, we wish to thank Troy for his important contribution. Finally, the People of Canada deserve credit for their support and for the many volunteers, including seniors, thousands of students and special individuals who worked tirelessly in the development of this innovative educational project.



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