The Tales of Tallimarby
by  James Blondeau and his Friends


Music Clip from the Story


A Woman's Emotions

from Gundillia





Being the kind of person I am,
It would be lie to say
Your heart means nothing to me,
But what of these feelings?
Are they only words?
Or do these written lines on an empty page
Stir the magic in your eyes.
My respect for those inside the circle
Can only be measured by what depth, the universe.
My love for those inside the circle
Will only fade
When a heart like yours
Fails in it's endless struggle
To believe in itself.
Our friendship, though it is just beginning,
Can only be compared
To the driving power of might,
The undaunted fury of honesty,
And the cherished touch of a hand in need,
Who simply has to ask,
Circle me.


Closing the majestic red story-book, Tallimar's mother slid the safety-bar across the four-year old's berth, covered him with a small blanket, then mounted the wooden stairs that led to the main deck. When she emerged, her husband voiced his concern about the new crewman he had recently hired.

"I may have made a mistake," he shook his head, "There is something about him."

Harris watched as the man called Rogers stood on the bow of the motor-sailor while in the distance the dark blue sky challenged the western horizon. Meg's kerchief battled the rising wind as Harris suddenly yelled, "Rogers, watch that line!"

The wind had appeared in it's cloak of invisibility and took the sail. Roger's inexperience had lead to his mishandling of the nylon lines, causing them to career wildly across the open deck. They caught both men by surprise, casting them like toy soldiers into the boiling sea. The mast snapped in two with a grinding crash, flinging sail and ropes down upon the two men.

Meg and the first mate, Jope, watched helplessly as the two men slipped beneath the surface of the tossing waves. The mast, now completely submerged, sank like a stone, sucking both men down past the white coral reef.

Rogers drew a sharp knife from his waist-band and began to hack furiously at the bindings. Such was the fury of his efforts, he was free in seconds. Thinking only of his own safety, he pulled free of the mast and began to swim painfully to the surface, leaving Harris to his own devices.

Raging in anger, Harris forged his wilful spirit with his seaman's strength and broke free from the tangled web. Being a superior swimmer, in mere seconds he came face to face with this man who has left him to die. Within twenty feet of the surface, a strange physical tingling began to overwhelmed the bodies of the two men.


to be continued....

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