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      I am a very fortunate person.

Throughout my life, I have met a number of talented artists who have become very good friends. Over time, this inspired me to make videos of their music and about their ideas as writers and artists. This first program of The Canadian Journey series is an introduction to the people you will meet on the show.  We begin our series on January 1, 2012.

 This project is dedicated to those artists and friends, who have made my life much more interesting than it might have been.

                                                                     James Blondeau   Oct 23, 2011



        I Can't Make You Love Me                  Can't Deny My Love  - Featuring MacKenzie Blue




 The  Canadian Journey is an internet traveling show about a group of close friends. or call Canada (613) 226-4884.



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    Samantha Testa



Most of the music has been recorded by Greg Geeves at Oxford Productions in Ottawa.

                                              Yu Meng  Beijing



Gisele LeMay

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Total  Media   Systems 



Natalie Rey


  Silver Dagger / Rainbow

 The Avro Arrow                      Natalie Rey Info



Garnet   Challenger  



 Give Peace Another Chance


  One Race Many Colours


   Gisele LeMay

  Gisele LeMay - I Wonder

Garnet   Challenger  

  Clint O'Neil Dedication

                      Garnet Challenger Info  

Judith Hetherr





 Celtic/Ottawa River Valley

James Blondeau

The Firefighters Video




I Can't Make You Love Me

Can't Deny My Love   Featuring MacKenzie Blue

Never Surrender War Songs CD



Hero   by Bamboo

 China Earthquake Benefit Video


Wendy DeMos




Path Not Taken 



Garnet   Challenger

World Emergency -  Aids


James Blondeau

 The Tales of Tallimar

Maria Knapik



  Video 1  -  In Concert

  Video 2 -- The Maria Knapik Story

  Hubei Dance Troupe

 The River


Music From China


Sweet Doll

  Time's Oldest Music

James Blondeau


  RCAF  Bomber Command


    M Music Video Production Company




Recorded Music


Gisele LeMay - It's His Way


James Blondeau Sound track of RCAF Song


James Blondeau - A Woman's Emotion -


A Christmas Story

Story by Marylou Fraser

Song  by James Blondeau and Natalie Rey

`The Hockey Skates'  by Marylou Fraser

  Song by Natalie Rey and James Blondeau





Natalie Rey




James Blondeau and Tallimar


Garnet Challenger


Gigi LeMay


Wendy DeMos


Judith Hether



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On Our Next Program

Charlie Gardner




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New Sound Recordings


I Can't Make You Love Me

Can't Deny My Love  - Featuring MacKenzie Blue