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        Sweden Aircraft Recovery       



Halifax 57 Rescue in association with Swedish Coast and Sea Center are working on the Baltic Sea, recovering a Canadian aircraft from World War II. This Swedish underwater adventure begins at the Quinte Air Show at RCAF Trenton in Canada and carries on to the town of Hollviken, Sweden.


          Program 1 - Quinte Air Show 8 Wing Trenton


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  Program 2     Survey of WWII Site  

  Program 3     Dive Day in the Baltic

  Program 4     Underwater Camera

  Program 5     Karl Visits ReBuild Shop

  Program 6     RCAF Commander Visits Trelleborg Sweden 

  Program 7     Swedish SCSC Divers Visit Canada

  Program 8     LW682 Ingots to RCAF Commander


           Coming Soon

  Program 9         Karl Returns to Sweden

  Program 10       SCSC Dive Day 2017         

  Program 11       SCSC Aircraft Lift

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