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 Extended Footage






HAN presents something for researchers, home video producers - editors and schools. For those of you who watch our programs and would like to see a particular full length interview or more interesting camera angles, we will be providing that service. We have produced many videos and have a stockpile of classic original footage.     

For more information, contact Tallimar@istar.ca 



Available Research Material

Sweden Recovery Project    The ReBuild Shop    TimeKeepers Classic Interviews      The POW Story      Maps of War     Pathfinders Mosquito     The Story of Halifax NA337     Malta   York England     The Belgian Forest     Air Vice Marshall Bennett        Bomber Command Memorial London    Tail Gunners    The Great Escape     Ground Crews    Turret Gunners    Pilots     Navigators      Bomb Aimers   NA337 ReBuild  Story     NA337 10 Year Anniversary      Richmond Virginia War Memorial        Tholthorpe 1986   Halifax W682 Ingots    RAF Club London      Bomber Command Museum of Canada      Battle of Britain       RCAF Americans         Air Crew Re-enactors    RCAF Air Show and Museum      Interviews from 8 Wing Trenton and RCAF Bagotville

We also have extensive footage on Aviation, Air Shows, World War II,  Navy, Army, Ortona, Holland, Vimy Ridge, Major Historical Events, Poland, Battle of Hong Kong, Italy, France, England, Norway, Belgium, USA, Sweden  and Canada in detail. 

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