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Halifax 57 Rescue Canada has been working with parties in the United States, remembering the fact that over 8000 Americans came to Canada in 1940 to join the RCAF. This was before Pearl Harbour and many of these Americans worked in conjunction with airmen from the Allied forces, flying in the Battle of Britain and on the bomber missions over Europe. Our most recent contribution to the Halifax Story is the plaques made from the Ingots of Halifax LW682, the same material that comprises the ceiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in London, England. These plaques were presented to 20th Century Aviation Magazine in Florida and to the Richmond War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia. We produced these educational videos to inspire and encourage students and others to learn more about our aviation heritage.


HAN Video - Who Fights for Freedom

Video -  Welcome to HAN and NAS

Video - Americans Visit RCAF Vulcan  


Coming  Soon 

20th Century Aviation Magazine is our American partners in the development of HAN and several other videos which we will be featuring on the Halifax Aircraft Network.



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