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Innovative projects advancing Canada and the world  in the 21st century.

The Canadian Journey is a project designed by the group of producers and artists. It features ideas about Canada, about who we are, where we came from and where we are going. These are some of our songs and stories about being Canadian. 

 Samantha Testa - United As One    


The music, the videos and the projects are about Canada and our future. We are fortunate to be Canadians and the future holds great possibilities. You can see our country's past in the videos we've produced as a group. From dramatic eye witness accounts of Canadian historical events to the Canada 20 Years Project about who we were in 1992 and how we've changed in 2012. Our Videos include topics covering over a hundred years of Canadian adventures and accomplishments.

Our Projects component invites people to be an inter-active part of Canadian ideas that can change things for the better. Education, entertainment and culture, each plays an important part in the development of a nation.

The Music component takes the Canadian Journey Traveling Show  on the road every chance we get. While we prepare for another live music and multi-media show, we invite you to visit The Creative Artists Show for details.



The Canadian Journey Traveling Show


Videos  Projects  Music
Canada 20 Years   1992 -2012  The London Monument Samantha Testa
Canada Remembers Holland County Canada Contest Sail Away
Why Support our Veterans United Az One Creative Artists Show
 SOS Arandora Star Halifax 57 Rescue Canada United As One  Lyrics
Early Days of Medicine The LandScape Project

Saint John After the War

Productivity  The Discovery Train

Live At The Club

TimeKeepers Museum  Sail Away  Lyrics Link 

Canada China Inter-Active 

Lady Hamilton Project Sir Robert Bond
Canadian Aviation  Future Clock T minus 20 The River Show


Canada And the Oceans Canada's Future

Classic Interviews with Chris Charland

Canadian Halifax To Be Part of

London Memorial

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         Nanton Museum         Museum

Production Experience and Innovation

Join the project today and help us inspire, educate and encourage those who believe in the future.  

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Not only will you see a series of projects and videos about this country,

you'll hear music that tells the story about this home we call Canada.


Canada China Inter-Active 


Breaking Addictions