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 Halifax 57 Rescue Canada, in association with the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta, is comprised of a group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts. Featuring a series  of fascinating aviation projects and classic interviews from around the world, H57RC.com brings you inside the world of aircraft recoveries.  From Halifax NA337 in Norway and the magnificent Bomber Command Memorial in London to  aviation museums,  the Rebuild Shop and  our invaluable TimeKeeeper's project, our goal is to inspire those who wish to learn more about this incredible gift we call aviation.

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with Karl Kjarsgaard



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with Chris Charland


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with George Rosskopf



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 Bomber Command Memorial


Canada Contributes $100,000.00

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October Moon by James Blondeau


Bomber Command Museum  of Canada




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Karl Kjarsgaard locates 4 invaluable Bristol Hercules aircraft engines for the Bomber Command Museum of Canada.


           Engines Part 1



         Engines Part 2


Squibs Meets

Engines Part 3


  Squibs Meets

New Series For Squibs

Squibs Mercier, a member of Halifax 57 Rescue Canada, meets a series of special guests on each program


The Story of Halifax NA337



















      Battle of Britain  



















 Michael Potter



















      Peter MacKay