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The Canadian Journey 2017 Project

Dunrobincastle.com is a multi-media organization from Canada now providing internet programming for Vulcan TV in Alberta. Our team of internet content producers have produced over 100 video, television, music and internet projects in 12 different countries. Our goal is to `Educate, Encourage and Inspire’ our future generations. Since 1983, we have traveled across Canada and the world recording an invaluable collection of stories about our nation. As 2017 approaches, Canada's 150th Birthday, we are about to embark on a project for Canada that will last centuries. Dunrobincastle.com is building an internet video library for the future, featuring hundreds of classic interviews and events that have taken place in Canada over the last 125 years.

This project tells the tale of Canada in the 20th century. From the Halifax Explosion, the first telephones, a World War 1 Pilot and Nurse, Aviation, Early Medicine, the Great Depression, World War II, The Great Escape to the Cold War, Science, the Arts and Technology, these eye witness accounts are about who we are as a nation. Our interviews, some with people over 100 years of age, are to be presented to schools across Canada as educational tools. We want to thank the many senior citizens and veterans who volunteered their time and stories to the development of The Canadian Journey 2017 Project. Working closely with Vulcan TV, The Canadian Journey 2017 Project presents our first two topics:

Classic Interviews Aviation


Future Topics - A series of video clips will be released on Vulcan TV every month covering multiple Canadian topics. Our separate '4 Education TV' project will feature professional teachers and lessons.


Vulcan TV

Coming August, 2016

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You can join the project by interviewing a senior you know about Canada. Send us an internet link and with our tapes and your participation, we can make this reference library a true symbol of Canada.


Help support this project by subscribing to VulcanTV or make a sponsorship contribution to the project. Funding and donations of any kind will only be used to expand the project over the next few years. We have these incredible interviews recorded over 33 years from right across Canada so why not join us and help us celebrate Canada 150th birthday.


Info - tallimar@istar.ca